Papaya Salad- Lao and Thai Style


Papaya salad is one of my favorite foods. I can probably eat it everyday whether with lettuce, rice, or by itself.

I know of two kinds, Lao and Thai style. The only difference is that Lao papaya salad uses fish sauce and Thai papaya salad doesn’t, which makes it a more fresh tasting salad. My personal favorite is the Lao style. I like the fishiness and the spiciness. Honestly, I only ate the Thai style when I lived in San Francisco because I could not find the Lao one ANYWHERE and I had to satisfy my cravings somehow. And that’s where my picture is from! Thai style papaya salad from one of my favorite Thai spots in the city, King of Thai!

Which do you like better- Lao or Thai style papaya salad?

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