Straits is a Singapore restaurant at the very top floor of the Westfield San Francisco Centre mall in downtown San Francisco. It’s a very hip restaurant, including a sexy lounge with a full bar and DJ booth. This is the perfect place to have a date or to share a few drinks and appetizers with some friends.

Chris Yeo is the owner and he is very passionate at what he does… which you can taste in his food and feel in the atmosphere of his restaurant. Which isn’t only located in San Francisco, but also in Burlingame, San Jose, Houston, Atlanta, and Santa Monica.


If you haven’t already noticed, I have a thing for noodles. I actually had a hard time figuring out what I wanted to eat because everything on the menu sounded great. I ended up getting the garlic noodle which consisted of wok fire egg noodles, Thai basil, black pepper, Roma tomato, shiitake, scallion, and shrimp.

This would have to be on my top 5 list of yummiest noodles I’ve ever had. Next time, I’ll try their maine lobster pad thai for $340.

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