Salt and Straw

If you ask an Angeleno where the best place to get ice cream is, it’s most likely that Salt and Straw will be on that list. I see this place often when I’m driving, but I finally tried it out when I saw the truck at the Arts District Farmers Market.

To be honest, I forget that there’s a farmers market there every Thursday. I’m glad though because Salt and Straw is there every week! Which means I don’t have to drive to Larchmont for some bomb ice cream.

For me, I always like to try the most non- basic ice cream. Probably because I think life is too short to be eating vanilla ice cream all the time. I got the coconut marionberry and pecan shortbread flavor. I don’t even know what a marionberry is, but this ice cream was so good! Not only was my choice of flavor on point, but the texture was like beyond creamy. I would say it’s melt in your mouth, but all ice cream melts in your mouth lol.

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