Swan Date Night at Echo Park

There are so many fun things to do in Los Angeles and one thing I haven’t done but have driven by it a million times are the swan boat rides at Echo Park!

Richard surprised me with a sunset ride on Echo Park Lake on these beautiful lit-up swans. Since it was a surprise, I didn’t come prepared with snacks but we did manage to eat esquites from a street vendor before boarding. You can eat and drink (no alcohol though) on the swans, but I think the esquites cup was too messy to bring with us.

Reservations are now required and it’s super easy to book here. You can have up to 5 people on a swan and it’s only $11 an hour! It’s very easy to pedal and steer the boat. Two people in front would pedal and then there’s a backseat. The illuminated rides start at 5pm so it’s the perfect time to catch the sunset. It was a little cold, but it was beautiful seeing all the lit-up swans and admiring the downtown skyline.

Now that I’ve experienced the nighttime swan rides, I want to go back during the day!


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