Wicked Spoon at the Cosmopolitan

I was in Las Vegas for Memorial Day last weekend and of course, I had to stop by one of the many buffets. The Cosmopolitan is my favorite hotel on the strip so I felt obliged to try their buffet, Wicked Spoon.

We were there for brunch and it was awesome! I love Vegas buffets because they really put more love and thought into their food. Like it doesn’t feel like they’re rushing to push out loads and loads of food and skimping out on the quality. Everything was really good. I’m not sure what I would say is my favorite. The bone marrow was amazing! I’ve never had it at a buffet before. The bacon was perfectly thick and they even had oxtail pho! They had all my favorite breakfast items like eggs benedict, french toast, and biscuits and gravy. The desserts were great too. There were endless cookies, and cakes and they even had cookies and cream rice Krispies!

And of course, there was free-flowing champagne, wine, and beer to wash all this food down with.


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