DonerG Lake Forest Now Open!!

Doner G now has a few locations in Orange County with Lake Forest as the most recent addition! They serve the best authentic Mediterranean food and aim to bring people together through FOOD.

This is probably my top favorite for Mediterranean food. It actually feels healthy! They are best known for their Istanbowls and my personal favorite are the Turkish Street Fries! Which is basically everything in an Instanbowl on top of fries minus the rice haha. I also had their massive pita sandwich! And yes, I finished the whole thing and surprisingly didn’t make a crazy mess trying to take pictures of it.


Tap Gelato Now Open!!




I have honestly never eaten so much ice cream in my life, but I’m not complaining! I don’t think I could ever get tired of it.

My current favorite ice cream spot, Tap Gelato, just opened in Garden Grove! They have a ton of great flavors such as toasted marshmallow, salty caramel, guava, and even durian! It was actually my first time having durian. I have mixed feelings about it lol. It was good about a minute later when that crazy strong weirdness left my mouth. The best part about this place is that they have 24K gold as a topping!!!!! Crazy, right?! I just feel so fancy literally eating gold and I giggle just thinking about what my poop will be like later.

And if all that gold don’t make you excited, they have Nutella ON TAP!!! Wild!! I had to use all my strength not to stick my head under the fountain. So yeah. This place is pretty much heaven.

What’s the most unique ice cream topping you ever had?


Pork Spring Rolls from Brodard’s!

If you haven’t had spring rolls from Brodard’s then you are missing out on life. It’s pretty much the only thing I’ve had from Brodard’s. I did have their curry which was good and their Henny flan which was questionable. 

I think what makes their pork spring rolls AMAZING is the fact they have this crunchy aspect to it and also the sauce is great which ties it all together. They have a lot of different types of spring rolls too. They have vegetarian and also duck which is different, but pretty yummy also. 


The Loop Handcrafted Churros

So there’s a lot of hype and beautiful Instagram pictures of these looped Churros in Westminster. I love churros so I definitely had to try some for myself. 

The Loop opened recently so there’s still a line. I waited about forty minutes, had some fun in line. They had a little photo booth and a geotag on Snapchat. I’m cutting down on sweets so I shared a cookies and creme churro and soft serve with a friend. We also got the Thai iced tea with seasalt cheese cream. 

Unfortunately, I didn’t really like it. The churro wasn’t very good, just crunchy and not soft at all and the soft serve tasted very basic, similar to fast food soft serve. It is a great concept though and it makes a pretty picture, but would most likely not go here again!


Matcha soy from 7 Leaves Cafe

My favorite thing to drink during long drives is milk tea, usually with boba but I’m somewhat on a diet right now. After picking up from Brodard’s, I stopped by 7 Leaves Cafe which was right around the corner from it. I heard a lot of good things about it so it was kind of meant to be to try it now!

I got an iced matcha soy with no boba. It was good, but it kind of tasted like cantaloupe milk tea. I actually don’t think it tasted like matcha at all. So I have mixed feelings about this because it didn’t taste like what I ordered, but it still tasted good haha. And I’m not the only one! I’ve heard from other people that their matcha also tastes like cantaloupe. 



Anyone remember the frozen yogurt boom a few years ago? There was literally a frozen yogurt spot on every corner?

Then they started going out of business, but luckily Pinkberry is strong enough to pull through. I think it’s because you can get unlimited toppings for a fixed price and the quality of ingredients is so much better than self serve frozen yogurt.

And who doesn’t love their waffle chip?!