Vietnamese Snack Heaven at Cha2Cha!

Can’t have boba without SNACKS!

Recently, I feel like there have been a lot of boba shops that don’t have food. I grew up always getting spicy popcorn chicken with my milk tea. It was the ultimate combo!!

I went to Cha2Cha in Anaheim and was blown away by the amount of food they have! They had the boba shop classics like fries and popcorn chicken. They also had a variety of Vietnamese snacks and most of them I’ve never had before. I decided to try the escargot and pandan glutinous rice cake. The escargot is like a sausage made with Vietnamese ham and Periwinkle snails and the pandan glutinous rice cake was actually more on the savory side with pork in it. The drinks were really good too and I liked the boba flan which was my first time trying it. I loved that they had egg coffee. I wish more places would have it!

I would definitely come back to try their other snacks. They also do catering and honestly, I would probably get a party platter all to myself.


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