Cookie Monster Grand Opening 12/17


The weather is always perfect in San Diego! While it’s snowing in some parts of America, it was a warm 70 degrees! This calls for ice cream. 😉

A new ice cream spot has opened in San Diego! Cookie Monster Ice Cream makes all their ice cream in house in small batches. A large amount of time and labor is put into making awesome great flavors like Cookie Monster and Birthday Cake. They have quality ice cream made with the best and freshest ingredients. And to mention that they have a million toppings! They have freshly baked cookies and cakes to top your ice cream. In addition, they have candy, Pocky, decorated marshmallows, and countless other toppings to add on!

Not only do they have ice cream, but they also have drinks! They have tea and milk teas served in super cute glass bottles. Cheers for less trash in the world!

Their grand opening is this Saturday, Dec 17. The doors open at 12noon and the first 100 customers get FREE SWAG! Assemble your ice cream squad and get yours!



Recently went to Kindred, an awesome vegan bar and restaurant in San Diego! It was a beautiful venue with great food and drinks.

I honestly forgot the name of the cocktails we had, but they were good! It was hard to order because all the cocktails sounded yummy so we just asked for recommendations.

We didn’t order a ton of food because we weren’t that hungry. They didn’t have seitan nuggets, which everyone kept recommending, but their buffalo seitan was amazing! It really tasted like I was eating buffalo wings. Then we got the fried pickles with pickled cauliflower. Loved, loved the fried pickles! I think they put extra batter on them and they were perfect!

I definitely need to come back here for brunch when I have an empty stomach!


TJ’s Oyster Bar

I love this place! I love coming here for seafood and tacos! I’ve been coming here since they were a little tiny restaurant in Bonita and now there’s two big other restaurants! It’s so great to see how much they’ve grown!Happy Hour is the sht here. Fish tacos are the sht here. All the ceviche is bomb. Aguachile is bomb. One of their newer items, the tuna fries, are amazing. I know it sounds kind of weird. They also have stingray tacos which is highly recommended! 

Pretty much, this is one of those places where everything is good!


The best Lao style papaya salad in San Diego!

I honestly LOVE Lao style papaya salad over the Thai version. Probably because I love fish sauce haha. 
There’s a lot of places in San Diego where you can get it and I think it’s because this city has a good amount of people from Laos living in it. It’s almost impossible for me to find Lao food in LA! I’m still searching for it though. Suggestions in the comment section below are much appreciated!

There’s one particular spot my family and I have been going to since I was young. Lao Community Plaza is on Imperial Ave right next to the 805 freeway entrance. They pretty much only have laab (meat salad) and other types of salad like papaya. They also have fried fish, chicken wings and beef jerky now!

I always get it mild and the lady let’s me taste test it first. Growing up with a lot of Lao friends, I have suffered from putting hella spicy food in my mouth and they just laughed at me because “it’s not even that spicy.” Papaya salad tastes great with sticky rice and this time, I got it with freshly made beef jerky!



Anyone remember the frozen yogurt boom a few years ago? There was literally a frozen yogurt spot on every corner?

Then they started going out of business, but luckily Pinkberry is strong enough to pull through. I think it’s because you can get unlimited toppings for a fixed price and the quality of ingredients is so much better than self serve frozen yogurt.

And who doesn’t love their waffle chip?!


There’s poke at Zarlitos!


Ah, yes! Your neighborhood Filipino restaurant now has poke. It’s pretty good too! I wish they served it every day, but a trip over there on the weekends doesn’t sound too bad.

They have different types that vary every weekend and you can have it multiple ways… Fries, silog it…. It truly is poke heaven. You have to try all the flavors and combinations!