Pig Pen Delicacy at Steelcraft in LBC


Pig Pen Delicacy recently opened their second location in Long Beach! You can find them at Steelcraft, a super cool dining space in Bixby Knolls that bring people and food together in one place!

If you haven’t been to Pig Pen Delicacy in Santa Ana yet, then you are totally missing out! They are best known for their American dishes and making their own spin on it which may or may not include BACON and CARBS…. and I mean CARBS on CARBS and then even more bacon!

Pig Pen Delicacy is the spot for your cheat meal, your bacon cravings, or you just want an all round great meal. My favorite has got to be the burger with buns made out of mac and cheese. It’s pure carb heaven. Another burger favorite would also be the maple bacon jam burger and if you’re not full of pork yet, the french fries and tots are a must have!

You’ll definitely want to bring your appetite next time you’re in Long Beach!


Silog Sundays at LA Rose Cafe


I feel like I hardly eat Filipino food nowadays. I don’t live at home anymore so I don’t have that wonderful luxury of my mom making fried rice and spam in the morning, and it’s also not the healthiest thing for you but who’s counting calories anyway??

I grew up in National City and Filipino food was EVERYWHERE! You would think there would be a ton in Los Angeles, but it’s not true. They exist, but they’re not as abundant as they are in San Diego. So I’m always excited when I find a great spot for Filipino food. I wish I could find more cafeteria style ones like Tita’s Kitchenette on Plaza Blvd, but these cute restaurants will do!

LA Rose Cafe is a super cute spot in East Hollywood. It’s Filipino af. I walked in and I thought I walked into my grandma’s house (which is a good thing btw). The owner was so nice and friendly. Lmao he even asked me if I was a nurse because the restaurant is located where three major hospitals are. He also recommended us to try the ube cheese rolls and chicken empanadas. Chicken empanadas were bomb and the ube cheese rolls blew my damn mind! They were so good. If my heart wasn’t already set on tosilog, I would have only ordered those.

My cousin, Angelo, ended up getting the tosilog and I decided to wild out on some sisig despite the fact I have a half marathon in a week but yolo right??? I also almost left out the best party- bottomless calamansi juice! It was perfect- not too sweet and not too sour. I have honestly never drank so much juice in my life haha.

I’m sure there’s more bomb Filipino food spots in LA! What’s your favorite?


DonerG Lake Forest Now Open!!

Doner G now has a few locations in Orange County with Lake Forest as the most recent addition! They serve the best authentic Mediterranean food and aim to bring people together through FOOD.

This is probably my top favorite for Mediterranean food. It actually feels healthy! They are best known for their Istanbowls and my personal favorite are the Turkish Street Fries! Which is basically everything in an Instanbowl on top of fries minus the rice haha. I also had their massive pita sandwich! And yes, I finished the whole thing and surprisingly didn’t make a crazy mess trying to take pictures of it.


Tap Gelato Now Open!!




I have honestly never eaten so much ice cream in my life, but I’m not complaining! I don’t think I could ever get tired of it.

My current favorite ice cream spot, Tap Gelato, just opened in Garden Grove! They have a ton of great flavors such as toasted marshmallow, salty caramel, guava, and even durian! It was actually my first time having durian. I have mixed feelings about it lol. It was good about a minute later when that crazy strong weirdness left my mouth. The best part about this place is that they have 24K gold as a topping!!!!! Crazy, right?! I just feel so fancy literally eating gold and I giggle just thinking about what my poop will be like later.

And if all that gold don’t make you excited, they have Nutella ON TAP!!! Wild!! I had to use all my strength not to stick my head under the fountain. So yeah. This place is pretty much heaven.

What’s the most unique ice cream topping you ever had?


7th Street Cafe opens in Downtown Los Angeles!


A new spot just opened up in Downtown Los Angeles today! If you’re like every other Angeleno, your life is fast and sometimes grabbing something to eat will take too long or be too expensive. 7th Street Cafe is more than your typical downtown cafe spot. They cater to your busy lifestyle by offering quick bites to eat and all under $10!

What’s also great about this spot is that they have an “Instagram Menu.” I’m always going to restaurants and asking what their most “Instagramable” food is. It’s so nice that everything is listed for me! Some of my favorites I got to taste are the chicken and waffles on a stick. If you know me, I am always driving so eating something handy like this is perfect for me! Lol. Their patty melt is also amazing which I burned my hand with since the cheese was piping hot! But hey, can’t be a patty melt with super melty cheese right?! My absolute favorite was the Flamin Hot Cheeto breaded chicken tenders. Wow wow. It’s everything I love in one!

They’re open early enough to grab something before work and late enough for your drunchies! Happy eating my fellow, Angelenos. Stay busy!


Cookie Monster Grand Opening 12/17


The weather is always perfect in San Diego! While it’s snowing in some parts of America, it was a warm 70 degrees! This calls for ice cream. 😉

A new ice cream spot has opened in San Diego! Cookie Monster Ice Cream makes all their ice cream in house in small batches. A large amount of time and labor is put into making awesome great flavors like Cookie Monster and Birthday Cake. They have quality ice cream made with the best and freshest ingredients. And to mention that they have a million toppings! They have freshly baked cookies and cakes to top your ice cream. In addition, they have candy, Pocky, decorated marshmallows, and countless other toppings to add on!

Not only do they have ice cream, but they also have drinks! They have tea and milk teas served in super cute glass bottles. Cheers for less trash in the world!

Their grand opening is this Saturday, Dec 17. The doors open at 12noon and the first 100 customers get FREE SWAG! Assemble your ice cream squad and get yours!


Happy Small Business Saturday!


Your local businesses are the heart of our communities. They circulate money in our community, provide jobs, and offer unique services or products. Small Business Saturday is a pretty big deal now and always falls the Saturday after Black Friday. It first began in 2010 when American Express launched it then later recognized and supported by the US Senate.

I spent this year’s Small Business Saturday with Infatuation LA, @dailyfoodfeed, @andythenguyen, and many other food bloggers! The day started out at Mr. Holmes Bakehouse. Today they had specialty booze- infused @donuts made in collaboration with Jeremy Fall, owner of bar Nighthawk. The different flavors were Coco Puffs with cognac, Honey Nut Cheerios with bourbon, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch with rum. There was also Intelligentsia x Black Cat Espresso cookies along with Jeni’s Ice Cream Truck parked right outside. On top of grabbing some amazing donuts, I got the strawberry jalapeno, chocolate, and ham and cheese croissants. Mr. Holmes never disappoints! Everything was so good.

If you know me, then you know I like to eat dessert first so next stop was dinner at Sweetfin Poke. I used to work nearby and would have lunch there all the time. It is actually my favorite poke spot in LA so I had to swing by for their special #SmallBizSat bowl. It’s an albacore bowl with black- honey chamomile ponzu, preserved meyer lemon, cucumber, daikon radish, edamame, habanero, tempura flakes, and red shiso. As always, SO BOMB. It was actually more spicy than expected. I’m glad I took a bite first before adding sriracha haha. Sweetfin is also known for their popcorn which I have never tried before. After today, I am really confused why I never did because it was amazing! It’s a special popcorn with white chocolate, yuz, and black lava salt. Ugh, I couldn’t even.

I do my best to support small businesses on the daily. How did you spend your money today?


I Got Baked in Los Angeles!

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse is a popular bakery in Korea and San Francisco, CA. Their goal is to put carbs back into their place and create carb heaven for all you lovers out there.

FINALLY and FINALLLLYYYY, they are opening one up in Los Angeles! I was able to make it to their private party tonight and was able to try these fabulous pastries for the first time with a bunch of other food bloggers! It was so hard to pick what I wanted because they all sounded amazing so I just asked the lady helping me what the Top 3 was. I got their hazelnut donut, monkey bread and of course, their bacon and onion danish because I LIVE and DIE for savory pastries. And yes, these beautiful little things live up to the hype. They are so good!! There was flaky crumbs and icing everywhere. I washed it all down with an Intelligentsia brewed iced latte and that was that!

It was a great event! Got a bunch of goodies and had great picture taking opportunities. These foodie events are so great because I don’t feel like the only weird one taking hella pictures of my food haha.

The grand opening for the official carb heaven is tomorrow from 8am- 4pm. Be there or be a stale pastry!


Senor Fish


Went to Senor Fish’s new location in downtown Los Angeles. I’ve heard a lot of good things about this place so I finally tried it out before visiting the MOMA. I started off with the shrimp ceviche aguachile style and ended with an al pastor taco. I love it! They weren’t shy about the toppings either. They’re both very good and I can say it’s almost as good as TJ’s Oyster Bar in San Diego.