In n Out

What else do I need to say?


85C Bakery

More than just hype, this place is amazing!

I remember random trips to Orange County and seeing a huge line for this place. I never got to try it because I didn’t feel like waiting that long for some pastries. 85C Bakery is now more accessible and now has 17 locations in Southern California and the Bay Area. I honestly feel that this place is more than just hype. Everything here is carb heaven!


Straits is a Singapore restaurant at the very top floor of the Westfield San Francisco Centre mall in downtown San Francisco. It’s a very hip restaurant, including a sexy lounge with a full bar and DJ booth. This is the perfect place to have a date or to share a few drinks and appetizers with some friends.

Chris Yeo is the owner and he is very passionate at what he does… which you can taste in his food and feel in the atmosphere of his restaurant. Which isn’t only located in San Francisco, but also in Burlingame, San Jose, Houston, Atlanta, and Santa Monica.


If you haven’t already noticed, I have a thing for noodles. I actually had a hard time figuring out what I wanted to eat because everything on the menu sounded great. I ended up getting the garlic noodle which consisted of wok fire egg noodles, Thai basil, black pepper, Roma tomato, shiitake, scallion, and shrimp.

This would have to be on my top 5 list of yummiest noodles I’ve ever had. Next time, I’ll try their maine lobster pad thai for $340.

Hot n Sour Soup- PF Chang’s


There’s a bunch of great food at PF Chang’s. They have gluten free and vegetarian options which is a plus, but the one I’d like to talk about specifically is their hot n sour soup. Random, right? I was at the one in Emeryville in the Bay Area when the waiter specifically suggested this soup with a slice of lime. I’m not gonna lie, he was a cutie so I tried it.

It’s life changing and I pretty much crave this soup nearly everyday of my life. I don’t know what it is about the lime, but it completes the soup… It completes my life.

Banana Toffee Creme Pie from McKormick and Kuleto’s

My favorite pie is banana creme pie. In high school, Marie Callender’s would have these $6 pie sales and I would totally get the banana creme ones and I swear I would devour the whole thing by myself in a day.

Another thing I love about desserts is when toffee is added to it. Add toffee to anything and I’ll probably eat it. So when I saw that McKormick and Kuleto’s had banana TOFFEE creme pie, I shit my pants. It’s pretty much a dream come true.


This was the perfect ending to a delicious meal. It was so good I actually forgot what I ate before this.

This beautiful restaurant is located at the Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco overlooking the water. This is the best place to have dinner, ESPECIALLY during sunset. Don’t forget to make reservations because it gets busy.

What’s your favorite pie?

Homeroom: a Mac and cheese restaurant

Mac and cheese may be one of the best food on Earth. You could probably eat it everyday because there are so many ways you can change it up besides the ol’ cheese and pasta!

Calling all mac and cheese connoisseurs! Homeroom in Oakland, CA is dedicated to making macaroni and cheese!


I got the “Exchange Student: Cacio y Pepe.” It has salty pecorino cheese and crushed black pepper. I also added cheesy breadcrumbs and Sriracha on top. My friend told me that I HAD to get the rootbeer and so I did! And of course, it came in a Mason jar. I don’t know what’s up with hipsters and Mason jars. Believe it or not, Oakland may be just as hipster as it is ghetto.

The Exchange Student may or may have given me cardiac arrest. But I was revived somehow and managed to finish it. It was perfect and might be the best mac and cheese I ever had! It was the perfect combination of salty and spicy and I couldn’t imagine any other drink other than that root beer to wash it down with.

I wish I lived in Oakland again so I could try the rest of the different kinds of mac and cheeses they have over there! And another great thing about this restaurant is that it has a bar. They include beer and wine pairings with their dishes on their menu! How perfect! Especially when you’re indecisive like me and can’t decide on what I wanna drink with my food.

Thank you, mac and cheese gods.



My favorite restaurant of all time: B Star

If there was one restaurant I could eat at every day for the rest of my life, it would be B Star. It’s located between second and third on Clement in San Francisco, CA.

And that really was almost my life. I lived right around the corner surrounded by a number of other delicious restaurants. It was a blessing and a curse.

But let me tell you about B Star….



It’s my most favorite restaurant of all time. It’s a Burmese restaurant so naturally, it’s a mix of other Asian cultures. That’s probably what makes it so great. I’ve probably had consumed half of their menu and I have never been disappointed. I have also never met anyone else who disliked B Star. I’m tellin ya… It’s THAT good. I couldn’t even tell you what’s my favorite dish. Their fries are to die for, their plathas with the dip will give you heat palpitations, their curry shits on everyone else’s, and their breakfast… I can’t even.

Their drinks are just as good, too. They have sangrias and lycheetinis. If you’re not into alcohol, their teas and sodas are so delicious that you’ll feel like you’re on a good one.

The first picture is a potato curry with coconut rice and vegetable spring rolls. The second picture is probably the best mango ice cream I ever had. I was pretty much moaning with pleasure with every bite.

Oh and top of everything else, best.customer.service.ever. I went there for my birthday and I legit felt like a queen. Thank you!!!!

I don’t know what drugs they’re putting in the food, but you need to go there right now and try it. If you’ve never fallen in love, then here’s your chance.