Ippudo Celebrates Cupertino Opening with $10 Ramen All Weekend

Cancel your original reservations, grab your boo, and meet me at Ippudo’s new location in Cupertino! They just opened today and will be celebrating with $10 ramen all weekend haaaaay. And let me tell ya, THE WAIT IS GOING TO BE WORTH IT! Ippudo is one of my top favorite places for ramen in the bay and it’s honestly in the best location. After you enjoy a hot bowl of ramen and their awesome hojicha pudding, head over to SomiSomi next door for dessert #2! And maybe while you’re waiting in line, grab some Philz Coffee too.

I got to go to Ippudo’s launch party this week and got to try out their menu and check out their new space. Each location has all the same wooden signs and hand dyed fabrics which are all created by the same person. Crazy, right?! I’ve only been to the Ippudo locations in the Bay, but they are all pretty consistent in taste and hospitality and I bet they’re all the same around the world too (220 locations to be exact) Besides the ramen, the cucumber and shishito pepper appetizers were amazing and their sake selection is amazing! The sake is carefully curated to pair best with their food so I highly recommend getting some with your meal. Oh and I’ve been obsessed with sparkling sake lately so please try that too!

So not sure why you’re still reading this, head over to Ippudo Cupertino now for some life changing ramen… and for $10 only too!


All photos taken by the talented Garrett J Tartt.


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