Until recently, the only ramen I ever had was Top Ramen. My grandpa would always make it for me when I was younger and I still continued to eat it throughout college (mostly because I was broke).

The first time I had actual ramen that wasn’t Top Ramen was at Underbelly. A lot of people argue that it’s a super Americanized ramen, but I honestly can’t tell a difference and I don’t think I can say anything until I’ve had ramen in Japan.

Underbelly is pretty good. They have a flavorful broth and noodles. The variety of toppings they have to offer goes very well with everything too. The only thing that may bother some people is that they don’t have spoons and you have to drink the soup by lifting the bowl to your mouth.

This is probably my second favorite ramen spot in San Diego. Rakiraki will always be #1 in my heart.

What do you think? Is Underbelly too American of a ramen?


85C Bakery

More than just hype, this place is amazing!

I remember random trips to Orange County and seeing a huge line for this place. I never got to try it because I didn’t feel like waiting that long for some pastries. 85C Bakery is now more accessible and now has 17 locations in Southern California and the Bay Area. I honestly feel that this place is more than just hype. Everything here is carb heaven!


Great Maple


Why is it that most brunch places have a really long wait? I usually don’t like waiting more than 40 minutes for a table when I eat (unless planned way in advance and I have a snack), but this place is an exception! It’s one of those places where literally everything on the menu is good and it would be hard for me to recommend something. One thing you MUST have are the bacon maple donuts! Aaaand if you drink, the bloody Mary with the giant pickle. Yassss GIANT PICKLE.


Urth Caffe

urth cafe downtown los angeles arts district latte art espresso


Urth Caffe is one spot I love to go to for a nice cup of coffee and I honestly think they have some of the best latte art around. Not only do they have a great selection of coffee and tea, but their food is amazing! Honestly, I’ve only had their pizzas and benedicts. They’re so good that I have to get them almost every time haha.


Straits is a Singapore restaurant at the very top floor of the Westfield San Francisco Centre mall in downtown San Francisco. It’s a very hip restaurant, including a sexy lounge with a full bar and DJ booth. This is the perfect place to have a date or to share a few drinks and appetizers with some friends.

Chris Yeo is the owner and he is very passionate at what he does… which you can taste in his food and feel in the atmosphere of his restaurant. Which isn’t only located in San Francisco, but also in Burlingame, San Jose, Houston, Atlanta, and Santa Monica.


If you haven’t already noticed, I have a thing for noodles. I actually had a hard time figuring out what I wanted to eat because everything on the menu sounded great. I ended up getting the garlic noodle which consisted of wok fire egg noodles, Thai basil, black pepper, Roma tomato, shiitake, scallion, and shrimp.

This would have to be on my top 5 list of yummiest noodles I’ve ever had. Next time, I’ll try their maine lobster pad thai for $340.

Papaya Salad- Lao and Thai Style


Papaya salad is one of my favorite foods. I can probably eat it everyday whether with lettuce, rice, or by itself.

I know of two kinds, Lao and Thai style. The only difference is that Lao papaya salad uses fish sauce and Thai papaya salad doesn’t, which makes it a more fresh tasting salad. My personal favorite is the Lao style. I like the fishiness and the spiciness. Honestly, I only ate the Thai style when I lived in San Francisco because I could not find the Lao one ANYWHERE and I had to satisfy my cravings somehow. And that’s where my picture is from! Thai style papaya salad from one of my favorite Thai spots in the city, King of Thai!

Which do you like better- Lao or Thai style papaya salad?


Don’t be ignant.

Don’t be ignant.

We all love bacon and I have to admit, I use to be a crazy bacon addict. I use to eat anything that had bacon with it, including desserts and even mochi lol. Well sadly, I kicked that habit and it’s for the good. Here’s a great article from foodbeast about bacon that you probably didn’t know.

Cinnamon Tempura Gelato from RA Sushi


One of my favorite desserts is the cinnamon tempura gelato from RA Sushi. I always try to have a light meal and then devour this baby right here. It’s a lightly battered cinnamon gelato that’s flash fried and drizzled with a chocolate- raspberry glaze.

My overall favorite dessert is creme brulee and just recently they’ve added a creme brulee dish to their menu! It’s a coconut and vanilla creme brulee and it might be my number one favorite creme brulee dish with vanilla bean being the second. 🙂