Hottest Collab in the Bay: Mike’s Hot Honey + Starbird Chicken

Don’t you just love it when two of your favorite brands collaborate? You can now find Mike’s Hot Honey, originally from New York, at all of Starbird Chicken’s Bay Area restaurants. You can have my favorite spicy honey right on your sandwiches or tacos or as a glaze and dipping sauce.

I’m super excited because I’ve been such a big fan of Mike’s Hot Honey since my last New York trip in 2018. I was eating chicken and waffles when I saw a chili-infused honey on the menu. And you know me… I love spicy and sweet together so I had to get it! I’ve been in love ever since. It’s honestly one of those things you can put on ANYTHING: pizza, veggies, fries, ice cream, and even tea!

So make sure you stop by your nearest Starbird Chicken! This spicy honey just goes so well with Starbird’s high quality and fresh ingredients.




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