The Ultimate Rooftop Experience in CDMX

It’s not often that you find two great restaurants in one building with stunning rooftop and patio views!

Hottest Collab in the Bay: Mike’s Hot Honey + Starbird Chicken

Don’t you just love it when two of your favorite brands collaborate? You can now find Mike’s Hot Honey, originally from New York, at all of Starbird Chicken’s Bay Area restaurants. You can have my favorite spicy honey right on your sandwiches or tacos or as a glaze and dipping sauce. I’m super excited because…

Senor Fish

Went to Senor Fish’s new location in downtown Los Angeles. I’ve heard a lot of good things about this place so I finally tried it out before visiting the MOMA. I started off with the shrimp ceviche aguachile style and ended with an al pastor taco. I love it! They weren’t shy about the toppings…

Happy Taco Tuesday!

Auntie made some bomb ass fish tacos… and even better, I added La Vic’s sauce on top! I swear everything this sauce touches turns into gold.

Tacos from La Reyna

I’m originally from San Diego and I am spoiled by what I think is the BEST Mexican food. Honestly, I get disappointed every time I try Mexican food in LA. I actually would rather eat Taco Bell or Del Taco (sorry, not sorry). There’s this great hole in the wall in downtown Los Angeles called…