ORW18- Itani Ramen

It’s my favorite time of year! Besides the holidays, I love restaurant week! This upcoming January 11-21, restaurant week will be taking place in Oakland- a beautiful city with delicious eats! I love checking out new restaurants and trying out pre fixed menus for a good price! It’s also a great way to go to that one restaurant you’ve been eyeing, but just haven’t had the chance to go.

I’ve heard a lot of amazing things about Hopscotch’s new sister restaurant, Itani Ramen, and it definitely lives up to the hype. Don’t expect anything less! The broth is flavorful and bold and the noodles are yummy! I also just LOOOVE it when a ramen spot has a beautiful soft boiled egg. None of that awkward hard boiled non- sense here!

For $30, I got a bowl of ramen (any choice and I picked oxtail), 5 pieces of veggie or pork gyoza, little gem salad, and a beer, sake, or highball cocktail (you know I got a whisky highball.)

I got to dine with my friends from Visit Oakland and a few other foodies. Hurry and grab your friends for Oakland Restaurant Week coming up this January 11-21!



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