ORW18- Agave Uptown

Growing up in San Diego, I will always have a special place in my heart for Mexican food. Whether it’s at my friends house, the neighborhood taco shop, or shared plates at a sit down restaurant- I love it all!

I had Agave Uptown for the first time a few months ago for their anniversary party. They were only serving small bites at the time, BUT THEY WERE SO GOOD. I was the girl attacking every server with “just one more…..”

I’m glad I got the chance to stop by for Oakland Restaurant Week to try out their full out menu! Everything was so delicious. My favorite had to be the fried fish (My Filipino is talking). I’m always so picky about tortillas and they were yummy too! We also took shots of mezcal with fried crickets and orange slices. I’ve never done shots like this before! So instead of licking the salt first, you eat the cricket first. Sounds soo crazy, but it’s so good! I’m going to have to get fried crickets for my next Taco Tuesday. We ended the meal with the cafe de flan which is two of my favorites in one- flan and coffee!

For $40 at Agave Uptown for Oakland Restaurant Week, you get Oaxacan soup de jour, either fish, carnitas mole, verduras mole, salmon, or chicken mole as an entree, and flan de coffee for dessert! It’s such a great deal, come with an empty stomach and some friends!



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