Eastridge Center in San Jose Got The Glow Up!!

Eastridge Center, the heart of East San Jose, has always been THAT shopping center. And what I mean by THAT shopping center is that it’s always been that place where you grew up with your parents dropping you off on the weekends so you can hang out with your friends. It’s where you go for first dates when you were 16 and shopping for nearly every occasion whether it was prom or your first job interview. Or just to eat and spend time with family, and maybe just going to the gym!

Well, your favorite center just got a make over! Eastridge Center is now better than ever, with renovation done inside and out! There are over 150 stores and events happening DAILY. There are also five murals all over the center, designed by different California artists. Grab your IG husband- these make the perfect spot for your next OOTD 😉

FUN FACT: Eastridge Center used to have a skating rink in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Now in an effort to bring the whole community together, Aloha Roller Rink is doing a pop up now until January 13th. Aloha Roller Rink used to be a San Jose hangout until 2014 so what do you say…? Let’s make rollerskating cool again!

Keep scrolling to see what my day looked like at Eastridge Center!



img_0246Rollerskating with some of the girls from @TheHaloHaloCollective! From left to right, @msnerriss, @kimiko.marie, @abbie.fontanilla.

img_7727Shout out to Sid @GoldenBoy650 for being everyone’s IG husband!

My favorite spot to eat here is Angkorian Grill, which has honestly been there forever and shows no signs of ever leaving. I highly recommend for the best Cambodian BBQ in East San Jose!

img_5686Shopped at one of my favorite stores for basics- Cotton On! Literally my entire outfit from head to ankle is Cotton On and less than $100! I also got a camo tote bag to be environmentally friendly, yet fashionable at the same time! My red bag is from Tobi, socks from Dimepiece, and my boots are Tory Burch.

img_0305Fun fact: This picture was taken in the bathroom in the food court lol.

img_8713It’s hard to pick a favorite boba spot nowadays so I like to categorize them by location. So I dub Tea Villa the best boba I ever had in East San Jose! I got the Oreo Creme Brulee, which was surprisingly not too sweet. Grab this before heading to Angkorian Grill!

Definitely had a fun time at Eastridge Center over the holidays! I’m already planning for my next trip down there! Still gotta check out Round 1 Barcade, Forever 21 Red, and try the rest of those drinks at Teavilla!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Kimiko says:

    Yay! Such a fun-filled adventure day together! Reminiscing on all the good memories here. 😊

  2. Nerrissa says:

    Loving the photo shoot in the bathroom! #unexpectedshootinglocations Bay Area Edition! 🤪

  3. Alan Bennett says:

    Read your Review of Eastridge. When I grew up in the Mall starting @ age 11 when my Dad built his first Men’s clothing store for the Grand Opening! As I use to walk through the empty mall mostly unbuilt at the time before the Official Opening 5/17/1971. When the mall first opened the Skating Rink wasn’t there yet, but as soon as it did it became my place to learn how to skate & play hockey until I left the area in 1979 while my dads store was still open. At the time Eastridge was the Largest Mall west of the Mississippi. I met my first love in the skating rink & had my first break up in the mall as her family was also associated with mall so she was always there. Thanks for reminding me of my past history of Eastridge & the Wonderful Memories of San Jose. We’re you ever because of your age to hear about Frontier Village? Bye for now, but I look forward to your blog.

    1. dandyeats says:

      Hi Alan,

      Wow thank you for sharing you story! I enjoyed reading it. It’s so nice to hear that it’s been a major part of your life. It’s definitely changed a lot since you were last here. You should visit again sometime!

      I’ve never actually heard of Frontier Village. I’ve only lived in the Bay Area for the last five years and loving it!

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