Dandy’s 2019 Bliss List

I have always wanted to do a holiday gift guide and I finally did it! I’m so thankful that I was able to partner with a number of brands this year and I really wanted to share my top 9 favorites with all of you! Whether if it’s for yourself or the foodie in your life, check out my Bliss List for some of my favorite foods, snacks, and drinks of 2019!

1. Becca’s Petites


I am always on the go so these snack mixes by Becca’s Petites are a life saver! They’re in my purse, the car, next to my bed… They’re a nutrient-rich snack mix and comes in a few different flavors- Original, Savoreux, Chocolate Noir, and Flambeaux. You can probably already guess that Flambeaux is my favorite! It has just the right amount of spice. The Chocolate Noir is also very good with yogurt and isn’t too sweet. Save $2 when you buy on Amazon, no code needed!


2. Berra Bites


The reason why I don’t put Berra Bites in my car is because I would cry if it melted! They’re dark chocolate bites with real fruit centers like berry, passionfruit, and kiwi. I think it’s obvious I don’t have a major sweet tooth, but these seriously taste like heaven! Such a perfect balance of the slightly bitter dark chocolate with the tart fruit center. Use code DANDY for 20% off on their site!


3. Brain Juice


I actually drink Brain Juice every day! Not just for the caffeine, but also for a mental boost for better productivity and clarity. I only blog part-time and I still have a full-time job so this helps me refocus when that afternoon slump comes around. I also like to think it helps with hangovers. I have Brain Juice before and after I drink haha.


4. CompletEats


Chocolate and mint is the ideal holiday combo! My favorite plant-based cookie CompletEats has a limited edition Peppermint Cacao Chip flavor and it’s so good! Kind of like another really popular cookie, but definitely better for you! 5% of their Peppermint Cacao Chip sales will go to Oasis for Girls, an SF-based non-profit benefitting young women of color. Use code 15DANDYEATS for 15% off CompletEats on Amazon until 12/26!


5. Proyecto Diaz Coffee


The only thing I’m waking up for is a cup of Proyecto Diaz coffee! Not only have I tried most of their coffee, but they have an amazing story! It’s a small family run business and they actually have their own coffee farm in Oaxaca, Mexico which they’ve had since the early 90s. They also put 10% of their profit back into the farm to rebuild their grandfather’s farm and the Diaz legacy. You know how much I love drinking with a purpose! Use code DANDYEATS for 20% off on their site!


6. Just Date Syrup


I usually drink my coffee black, but I’ll add in some Just Date Syrup for a little sweetness. This low-glycemic sweetener is literally made with just… dates! It doesn’t taste too date-y and it seriously tastes good on everything. Yogurt, roasted veggies, toast, salad… everything! They also have a pomegranate flavor that is amazing in cocktails. Use code 10DANDY for 10% off on Amazon!


7. Mike’s Mighty Good


Instant noodles are so nostalgic for me. I grew up eating instant ramen and still ate it through college. I try to be more health conscious nowadays and one of my guilty pleasures is eating instant noodles lol! But with Mike’s Mighty Good craft ramen, I don’t feel so bad. Their noodles are organic and the broth is extremely flavorful and made with real, simple ingredients. You make them the same exact way you do with normal instant noodles. They also have a cup version that you can take anywhere with you! Use code DANDY for 15% off!


8. Sugar and Spun


One of my favorite Christmas gifts when I was a kid was a cotton candy machine haha. I must have spent the whole day making cotton candy for my family. It’s always been my favorite treat! So you know I loovveee all the unique flavors of cotton candy that Sugar and Spun makes! It’s not your basic pink and blue cotton candy (what flavor is that anyway?) My favorites are the Cookie Butter, Matcha Latte, Spiced Apple, and Cookies & Cream. Use code DANDY for 20% off on their site!


9. Tastea


I love that Tastea has followed me from SoCal to NorCal! They have always been one of my favorite boba spots. Not just their drinks, but their snacks too! Their Butt Loada Fries are one of my favorite kind of fries and yes, I order the shrimp and popcorn chicken exxxtra spicy. Since I’ve pretty much have had all of their drinks, I’ve been slowly discovering their secret menu. The strawberry milk tea has been my favorite so far. Also for a limited time, they have pumpkin spice milk tea and pumpkin spice coffee! Pumpkin season is not over y’all.


I hope you all have enjoyed my first ever Bliss List! Let me know what you think about my faves and then share me some of yours! Stay tuned and follow me on Instagram for an upcoming giveaway for everything that was featured on my list. Happy Holidays!


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