Dandy’s Best Eats 2020

There have been a lot of ups and downs this 2020. As your typical Capricorn, I was about to go crazy with plans being cancelled last minute. Most things I planned for this year didn’t happen. But on the bright side, there is one thing that hasn’t changed: eating. 


Despite the lockdowns and all, I was still eating from restaurants whether it was take out, delivery, outdoor dining, in-car dining or eating at some random park lol. I also feel like it’s my duty more than ever to support local and small restaurants. 

This list is in no particular order, but I wanted to share some of the best eats that I had in 2020!

1. Love Burn Chicken

I have had so many hot chicken sandwiches this year that it honestly should be its own blog post, but the best one I had in 2020 is from Love Burn Chicken. They recently opened up inside Hometown Bowl in South San Francisco this past November and are available on UberEats, GrubHub, and DoorDash. 

Love Burn’s hot chicken sandwich is probably the most thought out sandwich in the Bay, especially with so many spots popping up nowadays. They use spices from all other the world like Chinese five spice, guajillo chilis and habanero peppers to create a unique sandwich that is flavorful, juicy and crispy af. Honestly, one of the best things about the sandwich are the homemade pickles and the potato bread which is my go to for bread. 

To try Love Burn yourself, use code DANDYBOGO to buy one sandwich and get one free! 

2. Miss Louise Bakes

It shocks many people that I don’t have a sweet tooth, but every now and then I crave something sweet. I first tried Miss Louise Bakes’ craveable cakes while picking up coffee from Phin Bar (which I think has the best Vietnamese coffee in the Bay btw). I first fell in love with the Thai tea tres leches cake. LIKE WHAT! How come I never thought to put those two together?! Then when she came out with an ube tres leches, I lost my shit, slid in her DMs and put in an order right away. Like I said, I don’t like dessert that’s too sweet and both her tres leches cakes were PERFECT. My eyes roll back every time I think about them. 

Now about her frozen Brazo de Mercedes…… 😩😩😩 Brazo de Mercedes is a traditional Filipino meringue roll with a custard filling but Miss Louise Bakes changes the game by layering a yummy crust, homemade ice cream, a decadent custard and tops it with a fluffy meringue. I. Just. Can’t. Even. I honestly never had the traditional meringue roll before and I probably never will because this frozen version is just too good! 

For your chance to try the ube and Thai tea tres leches cakes, check out my Instagram for a giveaway from 12/29-12/31!

3. Parktown Pizza

Parktown Pizza is probably my favorite pizza spot in the Bay. Not only do they have your traditional pies, but their Indian pizzas are the absolute best! I’m obviously not Indian, but this is may be the most authentic Indian pizza you can get. There’s none of that watered down Indian fusion pizza over there. I also highly suggest any of their Indian spiced wings like their Tandoori wings or Garlic & Masala wings. And you have to have at least one or five of their 60 craft beers on tap!

Parktown Pizza is available for pick up and delivery if you’re in the Milpitas, Morgan Hill or Willow Glen areas. For your chance to try their food out for free, take a look at my Instagram from 12/17-12/19 for a giveaway!

4. Mama Liang’s

I’m sure this counts, but I’ve been to Taiwan twice for a layover (I never left the airport though 😂). Although I only had like two meals, I had the best beef noodle soup and milk tea of my life. I know that may be obvious but I just had to say lol. 

Mama Liang’s in Cupertino will be the closest you’ll get to Taiwan. I don’t even know where to start because I think I’ve had half the menu so far and they never disappoint. First, their beef noodle soup is almost the best one I ever had (I think you can guess who is the first). Second, they have a bomb beef roll and if you want a lil foodie hack… You can ask for it to be uncut and now you have a beef roll burrito! (Sorry not sorry Austin) Third, all the sides are so good that I eat them by themselves. I love the long bean salad and the spicy radish the most. Fourth, their chili oil is actually spicy! I choked and started coughing the first time I tried it haha. I’m not sure why other chili oils are full of flavor, but not actually spicy so I am extra hyped about this. It’s like all my spicy dreams have come true. 

Mama Liang’s is available for pick up and delivery and also does nationwide shipping for frozen meal kits like their beef noodle soup and caramelized scallion noodles. To receive a free extra spicy chili oil with your order, use code DANDYLOVESLIANGS on mamaliangs.comliangsvillage.com/boedga, or liangsvillage.com/onlineordering. (Expires 12/31/2020)

5. Dayo Plates

One fun thing about 2020 is all these amazing pop-ups to try! My favorite is from Dayo Plates. Don aka Dayo Plates does catering and is a personal chef with pop-ups in the Bay Area. When asked what type of cuisine he makes, Don said that he can’t quite put his food in a category, and that “all of the food I cook are my favorite foods.” And this man is literally speaking my language.

I’m not sure what he’s cooking either, but it’s one of the best meals I had this entire year. It almost makes me forget that I’ve been inside my house for 9 months! Don uses top notch ingredients and has the most amazing details in each of his dishes. I had a crab rice plate topped with steak and gulf prawns and the best part was when there was baby shrimp IN THE RICE! Like omg have you ever had shrimp with your shrimp?!

Now that I’ve had one plate, I need to have more. He also makes whole prawn lumpia and halal buttermilk chicken tenders. If you want a little taste too, check my Instagram for a giveaway from 1/4-1/6!

6. Prepboys Meal Prep

Some people buy meal prep because they’re working out and need to eat healthy. On the other hand, I’m one who buys meal prep so I can have more time to eat other food lol. Cooking meals for the work week take up time and I could be spending that Sunday afternoon eating random take out in my car.

I’ve tried a few meal prep companies and they were always too expensive or the food was whack. I’m super glad that I got to try out Prepboys Meal Prep because they are both decently priced and BOMB AF. They use local, fresh ingredients and each meal tastes like it was made especially for you. Prepboys creates healthy meals that taste good, too! 

Prepboys Meal Prep delivers all over the Bay Area or you can always pick up in San Jose. 

7. Shimofuri Japanese BBQ

Earlier in quarantine, I was thinking about how I wished I had a favorite Japanese BBQ spot because I feel like there aren’t a lot in the Bay. That’s when I discovered Shimofuri Yakiniku BBQ in Milpitas (they just opened in Santa Clara, too). 

And wow my life changed. They have the cutest bento boxes filled with high quality and perfectly marinated meats. Do you know how good this place is? Their rice is so damn good! I don’t even know what they did with it and this is coming from someone who doesn’t eat rice haha. They also have a homemade miso soup which is a major level up from your typical miso soups. 

You must try Shimofuri for yourself so please enjoy 10% off when you mention my list until the end of December! This is valid only for uncooked meats and bento sets. This promo is good for in-store and phone orders, but is not available for online ordering.

I hope you all enjoyed my Best Eats List for this year! Let me know if you love them just as much as I do and send me some recommendations for 2021. Cheers!

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