FishPop Has the BEST Fish & Chips!

I was a kid when I had fish and chips for the first time. I was disappointed because I was expecting potato chips and not fries lol. Thankfully, I am more food woke but still don’t have much of a thing for fish and chips.

It’s a funny story how I found out about Fish Pop. I was craving Dino’s Chicken so bad, but I was way too hungry to wait in line which extended past the parking lot (Thank you social distancing, lines look even more dramatic). So I hopped on the Internet to see what I could eat instead.

I’m a sucker for pop ups because I love supporting small businesses and most of the time, the food is always the fucking best! So I saw FishPop show up with these bomb ass photos and I knew I must have been hungry because I, all of a sudden, wanted fish and chips! It was the Joon on Fire (the spicy version) that caught my eye because I’ve never seen fish and chips seasoned like that so I had to have it.

FishPop is located inside of Eggtuck in Koreatown, which I haven’t had but looks good coming from someone who doesn’t like eggs haha. I actually got to meet Chef Joon that night. He was trained by Michelin Star chefs and was telling me that everything was fresh and made in-house. I loved his confidence and passion with his food so I had a pretty good feeling.

First bite and I was IN LOVE!!!!!! The Joon on Fire was so flavorful and crispy. I was honestly so blown away by everything. Since the last time I visited in December, they’ve added onto their menu and do fun stuff like shrimp po boys and sweet & sour fish. Would definitely come back every time I’m in LA!


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