Dandy’s Best Eats 2020

There have been a lot of ups and downs this 2020. As your typical Capricorn, I was about to go crazy with plans being cancelled last minute. Most things I planned for this year didn’t happen. But on the bright side, there is one thing that hasn’t changed: eating.  (Duh) Despite the lockdowns and all,…

Big Ass Pizza from Pin Up Pizza

Not sure how long this spot has been here, but it’s new to me! Pin Up Pizza at Planet Hollywood next to Pink’s has some BIG ASS PIZZA. It’s probably the size of my torso and I’m surprised I ate the whole thing!

Happy Rounded Pi Day!

Pi Day 2016 is a little more special this year. It is rounded Pi Day, 3.14.16! Last year was an especially epic Pi Day because Pi is exactly 3.1415….. Today is rounded Pi day because the next digit is 9 which rounds it to 3.1416…. I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful day of pie!…

Urth Caffe

  Urth Caffe is one spot I love to go to for a nice cup of coffee and I honestly think they have some of the best latte art around. Not only do they have a great selection of coffee and tea, but their food is amazing! Honestly, I’ve only had their pizzas and benedicts….