Happy Rounded Pi Day!

Pi Day 2016 is a little more special this year. It is rounded Pi Day, 3.14.16! Last year was an especially epic Pi Day because Pi is exactly 3.1415….. Today is rounded Pi day because the next digit is 9 which rounds it to 3.1416….

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful day of pie! I went to Pitfire Artisan Pizza in downtown Los Angeles. They had a special deal for $3.14 signature pizza until 3:14pm today. It was my first time there and I had the hardest time deciding which pizza I want. Btw, the crust is AMAZING! I’m not one who usually eats the crust so when I do, you know I’m not playing around.

I had my last meal at the Pie Hole in the Arts District. I was more in a savory mood so I got the chicken and cornbread pie…. Also amazing! My cousin got their apple crumble pie which was good also. I may be a little biased, but I still think Julian apple pie is better!

How did you spend your Pi Day?


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