Dandy’s Saucy List 2022

It’s time to get saucy for the second year in a row! Last year’s Saucy List was such a hit that I had to do it again.

My pantry has once again been filled with all kinds of sauces ranging from sweet, savory, and spicy. I put together my top favorite sauces that I’ve had this year and NEED to be essentials in your kitchen!!

Hot Boi Chili Oil (Extra Spicy)

Do you ever ask for chili oil at restaurants and they’re hardly ever spicy? I never understood that and that’s why I love Hot Boi Chili Oil Extra Spicy because it actually is spicy. This chili oil is so flavorful with ingredients like Green Cardamom Pod, Saigon Cinnamon Stick, and Star Anise. This company also raises awareness and advocacy for social justice by donating $2 from each order to organizations that align with their values. Elevate your food and help out the world at the same time!

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Casa Firelli Hot Sauce

This Italian hot sauce has been my all-time favorite for pizza! Firelli hot sauce is made in Parma, Italy, and is made with natural ingredients like Calabrian chilis, roasted red peppers, balsamic vinegar, and porcini mushrooms. I probably love this so much because Calabrian chilis are my favorite and the porcini mushrooms give it extra umami! They also have an extra hot hot sauce (IYKYK) and a truffle one! Honestly, their line of sauces are so rich and flavorful. I would eat anything they make!

Smax Musty & Guava BBQ Sauces

Smax is a food pop-up based in the Bay Area that does fun things like making a Late Night Munchie Meal and a Krusty Krab themed menu. I am actually not a huge fan of BBQ sauce so it’s a big deal for there to be TWO of them on this list. Smax is doing something right with their Musty Sauce and now with their new Guava BBQ. The Musty Sauce is a Carolina-style, mustard-based BBQ sauce and the Guava BBQ has a sweet guava twist. It definitely will take your meat, sandwiches, and everything to the next level!

Tia Lupita Chipotle

I love the rich smoky flavor that comes from chipotle peppers, but I’ve never had any luck finding a good chipotle sauce. I’ve had some that were too smokey or overly toasted. Tia Lupita makes an amazing chipotle sauce made with perfectly ripened chipotle peppers and toasted spices with a little vinegar. I don’t think this sauce is spicy at all, but can be to people that are more sensitive. It’s perfect when you want to add a little razzle dazzle without the heat!

Clif Family’s Cobanero Chili Hot Honey

Is honey a sauce? I’m not sure if it’s in the same category, but I personally use it as a sauce. And of course, if I’m adding honey to this list it’s gonna be spicy. I love Clif Family’s Cobanero Chili Hot Honey because the heat from the chili and the sweetness of the honey makes for the ideal pairing. I love this on toast, pizza, and tea for when I’m feeling a little sick.

Use code HARVEST2022 for $10 flat rate shipping on orders of $50 or more!

Cilantro Lime’s Enchilada Sauces – Macho Man & Famous

If you’ve been following me for a while, then you know how much I love Cilantro Lime. They’re a Mexican restaurant based in Downtown Los Angeles and they’re always serving up unique dishes in the kitchen. I am obsessed with their Enchilada Sauce and I’m so glad they’re selling it by the jar! My favorite way to have them is on chicharrones. They’re yummy and crispy, but still good when they’re soggy. I feel like I usually love the green sauce more, but both are pretty good!

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Hot Crispy Oil

I love me a chunky sauce and that’s why I love Hot Crispy Oil. I love the big, crispy garlic pieces in it and I swear I can go through this jar like I can get through a bag of chips. I know everything I mention on this list is great on everything, but this really is great on everything. I think it’s the best on food like congee or grits to add more texture and crunchiness to every bite! They also have an extra spicy chili oil and you already know how I feel about that one… 😀

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Thank you all for joining me again for another saucy holiday! This has been my 4th year of making holiday gift guides and they’re always so much fun to put together. I may or may not do another Saucy List next year, but let me know if there is a brand that should have been on this list. I’m always down to try new things. Happy Holidays, everyone!


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