Cookie Monster Grand Opening 12/17


The weather is always perfect in San Diego! While it’s snowing in some parts of America, it was a warm 70 degrees! This calls for ice cream. šŸ˜‰

A new ice cream spot has opened in San Diego! Cookie Monster Ice Cream makes all their ice cream in house in small batches. A large amount of time and labor is put into making awesome great flavors like Cookie Monster and Birthday Cake. They have quality ice cream made with the best and freshest ingredients. And to mention that they have a million toppings! They have freshly baked cookies and cakes to top your ice cream. In addition, they have candy, Pocky, decorated marshmallows, and countless other toppings to add on!

Not only do they have ice cream, but they also have drinks! They have tea and milk teas served in super cute glass bottles. Cheers for less trash in the world!

Their grand opening is this Saturday, Dec 17. The doors open at 12noon and the first 100 customers get FREE SWAG! Assemble your ice cream squad and get yours!

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