7th Street Cafe opens in Downtown Los Angeles!


A new spot just opened up in Downtown Los Angeles today! If you’re like every other Angeleno, your life is fast and sometimes grabbing something to eat will take too long or be too expensive. 7th Street Cafe is more than your typical downtown cafe spot. They cater to your busy lifestyle by offering quick bites to eat and all under $10!

What’s also great about this spot is that they have an “Instagram Menu.” I’m always going to restaurants and asking what their most “Instagramable” food is. It’s so nice that everything is listed for me! Some of my favorites I got to taste are the chicken and waffles on a stick. If you know me, I am always driving so eating something handy like this is perfect for me! Lol. Their patty melt is also amazing which I burned my hand with since the cheese was piping hot! But hey, can’t be a patty melt with super melty cheese right?! My absolute favorite was the Flamin Hot Cheeto breaded chicken tenders. Wow wow. It’s everything I love in one!

They’re open early enough to grab something before work and late enough for your drunchies! Happy eating my fellow, Angelenos. Stay busy!


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