Wagyu Staircase to Heaven in Silverlake

I had one of the most extravagant meals in my life! Yakiniku Osen opened a few months ago in Silverlake and finally got the chance to try it out! It is seriously wagyu heaven and probably the best that I’ve had so far.

You can order a la carte and they have an epic sake list, along with beer and wine. The way to do it is with their set courses! They range from $180-$200 per person and it’s so worth it! I’m not super bougie with my food like this, but trust me when I say this is a good deal. I had all this bomb wagyu and food. At other restaurants, you’ll pay like $50 bucks for an ounce of Japanese A5 Wagyu. For $200, you get all of the food above and sukiyaki and more vegetables for grilling (not pictured).

This meal was extremely rich (literally & figuratively) and I almost….. am done eating wagyu for a long time lol. I highly recommend getting a mix with both American and Japanese wagyu. Having all Japanese wagyu was sooooo fatty and rich that it was almost too much for me. Yes I know, I probably sound like a brat but I guess there’s such thing as too much wagyu haha. Try it out for your next hot date or just because and lmk! Is there such thing as “too much”?


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