My favorite restaurant of all time: B Star

If there was one restaurant I could eat at every day for the rest of my life, it would be B Star. It’s located between second and third on Clement in San Francisco, CA.

And that really was almost my life. I lived right around the corner surrounded by a number of other delicious restaurants. It was a blessing and a curse.

But let me tell you about B Star….



It’s my most favorite restaurant of all time. It’s a Burmese restaurant so naturally, it’s a mix of other Asian cultures. That’s probably what makes it so great. I’ve probably had consumed half of their menu and I have never been disappointed. I have also never met anyone else who disliked B Star. I’m tellin ya… It’s THAT good. I couldn’t even tell you what’s my favorite dish. Their fries are to die for, their plathas with the dip will give you heat palpitations, their curry shits on everyone else’s, and their breakfast… I can’t even.

Their drinks are just as good, too. They have sangrias and lycheetinis. If you’re not into alcohol, their teas and sodas are so delicious that you’ll feel like you’re on a good one.

The first picture is a potato curry with coconut rice and vegetable spring rolls. The second picture is probably the best mango ice cream I ever had. I was pretty much moaning with pleasure with every bite.

Oh and top of everything else, best.customer.service.ever. I went there for my birthday and I legit felt like a queen. Thank you!!!!

I don’t know what drugs they’re putting in the food, but you need to go there right now and try it. If you’ve never fallen in love, then here’s your chance.




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