Homeroom: a Mac and cheese restaurant

Mac and cheese may be one of the best food on Earth. You could probably eat it everyday because there are so many ways you can change it up besides the ol’ cheese and pasta!

Calling all mac and cheese connoisseurs! Homeroom in Oakland, CA is dedicated to making macaroni and cheese!


I got the “Exchange Student: Cacio y Pepe.” It has salty pecorino cheese and crushed black pepper. I also added cheesy breadcrumbs and Sriracha on top. My friend told me that I HAD to get the rootbeer and so I did! And of course, it came in a Mason jar. I don’t know what’s up with hipsters and Mason jars. Believe it or not, Oakland may be just as hipster as it is ghetto.

The Exchange Student may or may have given me cardiac arrest. But I was revived somehow and managed to finish it. It was perfect and might be the best mac and cheese I ever had! It was the perfect combination of salty and spicy and I couldn’t imagine any other drink other than that root beer to wash it down with.

I wish I lived in Oakland again so I could try the rest of the different kinds of mac and cheeses they have over there! And another great thing about this restaurant is that it has a bar. They include beer and wine pairings with their dishes on their menu! How perfect! Especially when you’re indecisive like me and can’t decide on what I wanna drink with my food.

Thank you, mac and cheese gods.




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