New favorite coffee shop: Demitasse


So this post is going to get a little ironic because I actually didn’t have any coffee at this shop lol! It was the end of the workday and I really didn’t need anymore caffeine in me so I got their lavender hot chocolate. I’ve heard about this drink and I finally tried it. It’s more of a sipping chocolate because of how rich it is. I think it would be great with some milk too or if it was iced! It’s also topped with a torched marshmallow that beautifully melts into the chocolate and creates something artistic and Instagram worthy in the cup.

What I really appreciate about a coffee shop is the selection of pastries! I feel like there should be a perfect balance of sweet and savory pastries available. For me, I’m like always in a savory mood. To help balance all the sweet, rich lavender chocolate, I got the kimchi spam croissant from Sugar Bloom Bakery. SO BOMB. I could eat this every day. Honestly, I love every meat product with croissant combo.

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