Fried Chicken Sandwich at Seoul Sausage

Yes, I’m here again. Yes, I got fried chicken. Yes, I love this place.

So back at it again at Seoul Sausage. I’ve been over there a lot eating KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) and fcking with their sausages, but I decided to try something different today. To be honest, I was about to get their chicken wings again but told myself that I need to calm down. Plus it wasn’t happy hour, so I would have to devour 12 wings. My co- worker challenged me to just do it, but I didn’t feel well the last time he told me to eat a whole pizza. Honestly, I can only eat like 8-10 wings.

They have awesome lunch specials and I got the Little Tokyo Special which is a fried chicken sandwich, a drink, and a choice of tots, fries, or deep fried rice balls. I didn’t get the rice balls because I need to watch my figure for Las Vegas at the end of the month so ironically I got the tots lol.

Everything was bomb as usual! The tots had some kind of seasoning and was served with a kimchi aioli. The chicken in the sandwich is actually different than the twice fried wings. They’re marinated in adobo and makes me question if I am no longer in love with Filipino adobo.

And once again, Seoul Sausage steals my heart!


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