First time having Peruvian food!

What I love the most about LA is the fact that you can find any country’s food here. I’m originally from San Diego and I don’t even know if Peruvian food exists out there so I had to try it!

It was amazing! I went to this super cute hole in the wall called Lonzo Bread in Culver City. You seriously wouldn’t have any idea that this place had some bomb ass food inside. I started off with the mango ceviche which was a seafood- bass medley, mango, leche de tigre, aji limo, cancha, choclo and baked yam. It was so fresh and extremely flavorful, also a little spicy. Then I got the lomo saltado which is what they’re really popular for. It’s ribeye with onion, tomato aji amarillo, sauteed with soy sauce, red wine, fries and rice. My friend was telling me the crazy history about this particular dish. When the Chinese came to Peru, they didn’t have the usual Chinese ingredients to work with so they made this: a Chinese stir fry with Peruvian ingredients. Two unlike things together is always a great idea!

I would definitely come back here again and eat everything!


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