I Got Baked in Los Angeles!

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse is a popular bakery in Korea and San Francisco, CA. Their goal is to put carbs back into their place and create carb heaven for all you lovers out there.

FINALLY and FINALLLLYYYY, they are opening one up in Los Angeles! I was able to make it to their private party tonight and was able to try these fabulous pastries for the first time with a bunch of other food bloggers! It was so hard to pick what I wanted because they all sounded amazing so I just asked the lady helping me what the Top 3 was. I got their hazelnut donut, monkey bread and of course, their bacon and onion danish because I LIVE and DIE for savory pastries. And yes, these beautiful little things live up to the hype. They are so good!! There was flaky crumbs and icing everywhere. I washed it all down with an Intelligentsia brewed iced latte and that was that!

It was a great event! Got a bunch of goodies and had great picture taking opportunities. These foodie events are so great because I don’t feel like the only weird one taking hella pictures of my food haha.

The grand opening for the official carb heaven is tomorrow from 8am- 4pm. Be there or be a stale pastry!


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