Ramen Donuts!

I still can’t believe we’ve been in quarantine for almost three months… that’s a quarter of our year spent at home! To be honest though, it has really got my creative juices flowing in the kitchen. Pre-quarantine, I was always running around to different restaurants and events. I hardly had time to cook or I…

Happy Small Business Saturday!

Your local businesses are the heart of our communities. They circulate money in our community, provide jobs, and offer unique services or products. Small Business Saturday is a pretty big deal now and always falls the Saturday after Black Friday. It first began in 2010 when American Express launched it then later recognized and supported…

I Got Baked in Los Angeles!

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse is a popular bakery in Korea and San Francisco, CA. Their goal is to put carbs back into their place and create carb heaven for all you lovers out there. FINALLY and FINALLLLYYYY, they are opening one up in Los Angeles! I was able to make it to their private party tonight…

Happy National Donut Day!

Seriously, who thinks of these holidays?! But haaaaaay, this is a great excuse to have donuts today!

Strawberry donuts at Donut Man!

‘Tis the season y’all…. Strawberry donuts are back at Donut Man! Besides tiger tails, the one thing (or five things) you must get from here are the strawberry donuts! I honestly can probably eat a dozen of these. It’s the perfect mixture of soft dough, with fresh strawberries in a sweet glaze. I kind of…

Ube Donuts at Friendly Donuts

Ube donuts have been all the rage lately. The first place I tried them was at Friendly Donuts and I still think they’re the best compared to other donut spots in SoCal. They’re not too sweet and the ube flavor is just perfect.

Ube Bacon Donut at DK’s Donuts

I LOVE sweet and savory together… I also like eating weird food. So if you don’t have the same tastebuds as me then you would probably think that this ube bacon donut is disgusting. (It’s not.)