Pig Pen Delicacy at Steelcraft in LBC


Pig Pen Delicacy recently opened their second location in Long Beach! You can find them at Steelcraft, a super cool dining space in Bixby Knolls that bring people and food together in one place!

If you haven’t been to Pig Pen Delicacy in Santa Ana yet, then you are totally missing out! They are best known for their American dishes and making their own spin on it which may or may not include BACON and CARBS…. and I mean CARBS on CARBS and then even more bacon!

Pig Pen Delicacy is the spot for your cheat meal, your bacon cravings, or you just want an all round great meal. My favorite has got to be the burger with buns made out of mac and cheese. It’s pure carb heaven. Another burger favorite would also be the maple bacon jam burger and if you’re not full of pork yet, the french fries and tots are a must have!

You’ll definitely want to bring your appetite next time you’re in Long Beach!

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