Dandy’s Saucy List 2021

It’s that special time of year my friends…

I’ve moved back down to SoCal so I can’t say that it’s gotten colder, but 2021 has been a much more pleasant year than last. I’m more closer to family and childhood friends so the holidays this year are already starting to feel extra special. And what else could top 2021? SOME SAUCE, BABY!

If you’ve known me for a while, I have always been and will always be about the sauce. There are so many different kinds of sauces in the world and they really do make everything better. Honestly, if I could, I would have my sauce served to me neat with a side of fries (I’m lying, I already do this lol).

I don’t have an all-time favorite sauce because it really depends on my mood and what I’m eating, but here are some of my top faves in no specific order:

1. Judge Casey’s

Let’s start with what was probably my first sauce in my life: ketchup. It is seriously a classic and is great on most food. I met Judge Casey’s a few years ago at Fancy Food Show in San Francisco, and it still is my favorite ketchup. They call themselves “Famously Thick Ketchup” for a reason! Besides their awesome texture, Judge Casey’s definitely has more depth and flavor. I’ve also been begging them to make spicy ketchup so now they have a Habanero and now Curry ketchup! Amazing!

Up your burger game with code DANDYEATS for 20% off on judgecaseys.com until Dec 31, 2021!

2. Chilipino Oil

Along with dalgona coffee and bread making, there was a big chili oil trend during the pandemic. I’ve had a ton, of course, but one of my favorites is Chilipino Oil. The perfect blend of chili and garlic adds spicy Filipino vibes to anything you add it to! It completes every Filipino meal and tastes yummy on other Asian dishes too.

To order, DM Chilipino Oil on their Instagram and mention code DANDY15 for 15% off until December 31, 2021!

3. Loca Foods

You know I had to put a cheese sauce on here! This isn’t your average nacho cheese, it’s a plant-based nacho cheese! Some people are probably gonna hate on it, BUT HEAR ME OUT! Loca Foods makes a killer nacho cheese. It’s potato-based and made with tons of vegetables… so it’s pretty much a salad right?! It’s so freakin’ good and now I can sit on the couch and eat tons of cheese and not feel guilty about it.

Get ready for a guilt-free nacho binge with code YESCHEZ20 for 20% off your first purchase on eatlocafood.com!

4. The Truffleist

You may recognize The Truffleist from New York and with pop-ups in Los Angeles, Boston, and Philly. They serve up delicious cheesesteaks topped with fresh truffles and also have a bomb truffle hot sauce! I feel like truffle everything has been a big trend this year, but I have been disappointed by some truffle sauces that either lack flavor and/or truffles. The Truffelist’s hot sauce has both and it’s my favorite sauce to use with anything that’s fried or has carbs like pizza, sandwiches, fried chicken, etc.

Be ready to add this hot sauce on everything with code DANDYEATS10 for 10% off on truffleist.com!

5. Bachan’s

I’ve seen this brand all over social media and finally got to try it earlier this year. It definitely lives up to the hype! Bachan’s is a Japanese BBQ sauce that is like a teriyaki-ish sauce, but better! It’s super flavorful and made with simple and non-GMO-certified ingredients. It’s also one of those sauces that you can use in different ways. It’s tremendous as a marinade or for dips and sauces. It’s so good that I could eat it plain with rice. They now have a gluten-free sauce and my absolute favorite: a hot and spicy!

I suggest grabbing their half-gallon sauce and signing up for their newsletter on bachans.com for a welcome discount!

6. Jah Mama Sauce

This is probably one of the spiciest sauces on my list! Jah Mama makes an incredible scotch bonnet pepper sauce that will add a soulful and Caribbean touch to anything you eat. It’s perfectly spicy, but not too hot where I can’t taste my food. I usually cover my food in sauce, but I use a few drops since it’s more on the spicy side. So I’m not really sure how I went through half the bottle the first weekend I got it lol.

Get free shipping when you order 2 or more bottles on jahmamasauce.com (I highly suggest ordering 3 tho)

7. Fly By Jing

I had Fly By Jing for the first time a few years ago and I’ve been in love ever since. One bite of their Sichuan Chili Crispy and I was in heaven. It’s intensely flavorful, spicy, and numbing. You know I’m a sucker for Sichuan anything! This is probably the only sauce on my list that I’ve eaten with ice cream so when I say it’s good on anything, I mean it! Their Zhong sauce is just as incredible too. It’s a beautifully aromatic soy sauce that’s fantastic with dumplings, noodles, seafood, everything!

Use code DANDYEATS10 for 10% off on flybyjing.com!

Thank you for checking out my Saucy List! It’s my third year making a holiday gift guide and they get more fun each year! Make sure to get your pantry looking right and I hope you love these sauces as much as I do. 🙂 Happy Holidays!


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