New Menu Items at Cilantro Lime!

Cilantro Lime has easily become one of my favorite spots for unique and creative Mexican food. Everyone knows I’m sooo picky with Mexican food because I grew up in San Diego, but Cilantro Lime makes the cut!

I stopped by last week to try some of their new menu items and to be honest… I had no feedback because everything was so good! I may be biased, but I also love giving constructive feedback and I just didn’t have any. Cilantro Lime is actually one of those places where you can order anything on the menu and it’ll always be a good choice.

Here’s a quick review of everything I ate! Let me know which of these you would try first. 🙂

  1. Birria Pizza

I’ve actually never had Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza, but I know it can’t be better than this! The meat was tender and I loved the tortilla “crust.” Although I’m not a fan of the cheese crust, it was still a nice touch and I know most people would enjoy it.

2. Buffalo Wings

I know, I know… Chicken wings at Cilantro Lime?! Yes and yes! These are Buffalo chicken wings, but they’re not saucy but like a dry rub? Not sure how they did this sorcery but it was so delicious. The wings were perfectly crispy and juicy. Also, they have housemade ranch now and it is a MUST.

3. Mexican Smashburger

I loved this one! I felt like it gave more patty melt vibes, but was still really good, especially with that special sauce (I forgot the name). Richard is the expert on smash burgers so the only feedback he had was for a more crispier patty. Honestly, I would be happy either way!

4. Mexican BLT

Okay now, THIS was my all-time favorite! I love BLTs and this housemade guacamole really did it for me. It was so heavenly that I don’t want to eat another BLT from another place again.


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